We Help thousands of children to get Educated while providing them skills in Peace keeping, Basketball, Tolerance and teamwork.

What can you do?

(I) Build a peace ZONE, or (II) Establish a 5year annual COMPETITION, or (III) Give a BASKETBALL

Establish a Peace Zone

Purchase a Portable BB4P UP-RIGHT which can be placed on any hard surface to establish your own Custom Made/Name BB4P PEACE ZONE. Your Custom Made Portable Up-Right will cost a minimum N100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand Naira). For more information contact us

Host a BB4P Competition

Provide the Funds (N50,000 minimum) to host a one day BB4P Competition in your NAME. Six BB4P Teams will compete in a single round robin competition. Each player will receive either N100naira for a lost or N200naira for a win. Each team will play five matches each.

Equip a BB4P team!

Own a BB4P Team by providing them with a set of 4 Numbered customized Player Vests. From time to time you may consider up-grading your Team by providing additional Basketball Equipment such as shoes, socks, playing uniforms, T-shirt, books and more Basketballs


To have a PEACE ZONE in every Local Government Area of Nigeria (774); a BB4P Network in every State (36) and an African Annual BB4P League to constantly remind everyone that ‘PEACE MUST REIGN’ The Formula for building sustainable BB4P Networks are ‘three’ (3) 'Six' and the ‘KEY’ is many Local Sponsored Peaceful-Competitions.

Basketball for Peace (BB4P) program

Basketball for Peace (BB4P) is the only tested NGO Project bringing people and communities together in a sustainable atmosphere of PEACE.

A PEACE MOVEMENT IN MOTION; YOU, BB4P and OTHERS with new IDEAS are the ENGINE that makes BB4P an attractive project for Youth development and growth.

The process is:

  1. Establishing a local (grassroots) “Peace Zone”
  2. Encouraging education (go-to-school or stay-in-school)
  3. Providing skills in mediation for “peace to reign”.
  4. Basketball, Early Warning System and food security.

All of this within your resources (cheaper) than the cost of any destructive (negative) conflict.

Presently BB4P has established more than 50 PEACE ZONES in more than 30 Local Government Areas in 16 States in Nigeria.

Don’t FORGET To Make YOUR ANNUAL Contribution of One BASKETBALL (minimum)

Call/text BB4P: 08053301337 or EDDY: 08033572126

Coach O.B Johnson, Program Manager



Watch the Trailer.
Visit Our Youtube Channel.
Start a PEACE ZONE and give up your birthday.
It can change the world.


Our latest programs

Know the Programme Manager of BB4P
May 25, 2018

Oliver B. Johnson, popularly known as “Coach OBJ” is a Repatriate (not a expatriate), Father, Grandfather, Teacher, Husband, Brother, Mentor, Son,

May 20, 2018


Annual Giants of Africa Project – GOA
May 20, 2018

GOA has become an annual events which draws a large number of talent from all over Africa, we at BB4P see this project as opportunity for young Africa

Bauchi, Taraba, Gombe & Adamawa 2017 BB4P Project
January 7, 2018

The USA Embassy Project for 2017 covered four state;  Bauchi, Taraba, Gombe and Adamawa, this project was solely funded by the United State Embassy i

How can you help?

Give a Basketball!

We focus on “one to one” or “one to few” type interactions. Which eventually address societal problems. You can make a gift of one basketball to a peace Zone or donate equivalent of the cost.

Become a volunteer

Individuals can volunteer to work with us in our peace Zones or on specific project, but we always want to ensure you possess the requisite skills to impact positively in our team

Make a donation

This can be done in either cash or kind. Identify a PEACE ZONE and assist them with their needs i.e. basketballs, nets, Uniforms, shoes, rule book, Customize BB4P Upright etc.

Our latest events

Our programmes run through out the year in all our PEACE ZONES, we also have yearly tournament...


    As the beginning of a sports complex or Community Centre
    As a daily reminder to all users (players) and passerby that PEACE MUST REIGN
    Where Son’s of the soil and Politicians can GIVE BACK to their community
    Where all community resident can daily gather together to watch their youths play Basketball and to discuss community issues with one another in an atmosphere of peace

― Coach OBJ

Popular programs

This section provides you with insight into some of our programmes; past present and feature..

See our success.

images of some backboard in peace zones around the country, sights and scenes of BB4P


Our team is combination of different talents & skills, which strenghtens us to succeed...

Frontpage He is a source of inspiration to the programme, with wealth of Knowledge and experience, always a pleasure to work with... Coach Oliver B. Johnson Programme Manager
Frontpage When it comes to the game Eddie has a lot to offer, he has passion for the game and how it can change life ...Eddie Tox Assistant Programme Manager
Frontpage When it comes to getting things in place, Ademola is the perfect person to make it happen...Ademola I. Adigun Technical manager
Frontpage He his the man behind the all the action, also a utility team member that fill many shoes as need arise... Innocent Enesi Ibrahim Operations Manager
Frontpage He is innovative and has a lot of 21st century ideas, he is technology driven and ensure BB4P is technology inclined.... Aregbe Bunmi Ezekiel Project Development Manager
Frontpage Danjuma is an energetic, innovative and seasoned administrator, quite unique in style and interesting to work with.... Ingino Danjuma Voh Publicity Manager

Youths Impacted

Established Peace Zones

Local Governments

States and counting