Peace Clubs

Peace Clubs


If the assumption is, "that we all should live in PEACE for development and progress to thrive in our communities", then all of us have a responsibility to help maintain and perpetuate PEACE. For this reason BASKETBALL FOR PEACE (BB4P) Youth driver PEACE CLUBS are desirable and necessary in the fight against all types of Community Conflicts.

The PEACE CLUBS are the latest addition to the PEACE ZONES so that more Youth near the PEACE ZONES can actively participate in maintaining PEACE. Youth have been the major instrument used in perpetuating most "Conflicts" due to the lack of Ideas.

To start, BB4P is reaching-out to schools near our PEACE ZONES to form PEACE CLUBS will all be unique in their mode of functioning as there is no standardize method of solving all CONFLICTS. Each PEACE CLUB must have community based projects e.g. Clean up, removing materials from the environment, beautification projects, planting of trees seedlings, car wash day, fix it crew, filling pot holes, mend broken fences e.t.c.

Members of a Peace Club in Warri wearing their BB4P T-Shirts

Check out the list of all our Peace Clubs in Nigeria




1.Uwange Secondary School, Delta

2.Institute of Continued Education, Delta

3.College of Commerce I

4.Esse College I & II

5.Guardian Schools

6.Wisdom Academy

7.Youwuren College I & II

8.Ereiuwa College I & II

9.Federal Government College I & II

10.Hussey College I & II

11.Ogidegben Grammar School

12.Delta Secondary School

13.Don Domingos College

14.College of education Demonstration School

15.Step Forward Secondary School

16.Creative Institute School


17.Gana Mixed Secondary School, Sapele

18.Ethiope Mixed School, Sapele

19.Okotie-Eboh Grammar School

20.Nana College I & II



1.Knowledge is Power Secondary School, Samaru

2.Government Girls Secondary School, Samaru

3.Life Line Academy Samaru

4.Ibrahim Memorial Secondary School, Zaria

5.God’s Time Comprehensive College, Zaria

6.Total Child Bible School, Zaria

7.Government Girls Secondary School, Ungwan Sarki

8.Dabo Secondary School, Kaduna

9.JMA Premier Secondary School, Kaduna

10.Government Secondary School, Ungwan Sarki

11.Alhudahuda College, Zaria

12.Queen Amina College, Kaduna

13.Model International Secondary School, Kaduna

14.CDSSKD Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna

15.KPSS Secondary School, Kaduna

16.St. Matthew Secondary School, Kaduna


1.Abbas Maje Secondary School, Kano

2.Aminu Kano Comprehensive College, Kano

3.F. C. E., Kano

4.Intercontinental College, Kano

5.Faith International College, Kano

6.Tropical College, Kano

7.Kings College, Kano

8.G. G. C. Dala, Kano

9.Springs College, Kano

10.ADSS Girls, Bukavu

11.N. M. B. Kano

12.Abbas Maje Secondary School II, Kano



1.Cocin Secondary School, Dadin Kowa

2.Noble College, Bukavu

3.Government Secondary School Jos, Jarawa

4.Government Secondary School Laranto

5.Government Secondary School Anguwan Rogo, Jos

6.First Baptist Secondary School, Jos

7.Government Secondary School Kabong

8.St. John’s College, Jos

9.Sardauna Memorial College, Jos

10.C.I.S. Jos.

11.St. Murumba College, Jos

12.St. Louis College, Jos

13.Government Secondary School Chwelnyap



1.Govt. Secondary School Borikiri

2.Emraid College, Portharcourt

3.First International Academy


4.B. H. S. Borikiri

5.C. S. S. Okochiri

6.A.D.S.S. Bori Camp

7.Govt. Secondary School Okongba

8.O.C.S.S Oginigba

9.Govt. Secondary School Elekahia

10.Govt. Girls Secondary School Harbour Road

11.E. H. S. Borikiri

12.Immanuel International School


13.C. S. S. Abuloma

14.Stella Maris College

15.O.G.S. Okrika

BB4P in cooperation with its parent bodies INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATION AND SELF HELP (IFESH) and UNITED STATE AGENCY for INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (USAID) have produce this 'guide' to assist 'YOU' in getting your PEACE CLUB started.

* Each PEACE CLUB should be coordinated by a Teacher from the school.
* Each PEACE CLUB must have members who reflect the community in which they live.
* Each PEACE CLUB should have weekly meetings and be able to meet instantly in case of any pending crisis or conflict.
* Each PEACE CLUB member will undergo Conflict Management Training and constant skill up grading classes.
* Each PEACE CLUB will develop its own Early Warning System (EWS). Each PEACE CLUB must develop its own Reporting Mechanism or Process.
* Each PEACE CLUB must be identified with an establishment PEACE ZONE.
* Each PEACE CLUB should have both male and female members.
* Each PEACE CLUB should have a Name, a Banner, a PEACE Song, Slogan, Motto, Jingle or Rally Cry.
* Each person in each PEACE CLUBS must be registered with BB4P and have a BB4P I.D. Card, Peace Clubs are necessary to empower members to be part of the process for maintaining PEACE.

Member of a Peace Club Warri carryout their Community Outreach Project of Keeping the Environment Clean

Networking with other PEACE CLUBS, BB4P and IFESH will provide an Early Warning System (EWS), which will help maintain PEACE in potentially Violent Community Conflict.

- If you have the tendency to compromise, dialogue, collaborate or accommodate.
- If you are fluent in pidgin/English.
- If you have the ability to speak out.
- If you have the ability to read and write (Reporting ability)


* Visit to schools
* Discuss with principals for support
* Select a coordinating teacher
* Select 2 or 3 students for capacity building and implementation of programme
* Capacity buildings and strategic meetings
* Follow-up and preparation activities
* Capacity building on writing proposals

Other Peace Club members helping out in clearing overgrown bushes

1. Be willing to change your thinking: see difficulties as Challenges and Obstacles as Opportunities.
2. Stop arguing or fighting and sit down together to talk.
3. Be Honest
4. Ask: What do we have in Common?
5. Focus on the future: You can shape the future, you cannot change the past.
6. Avoid accusations and accept your responsibility Ask: What can I contribute to resolve the conflict?
7. Listen to the other(s) Acknowledge what you heard, what the other(s) said and how the other(s) feet.
8. Focus on interests: what do I need and why? what does the other need and why? What do I fear? What does the other fear?
9. Brainstorm solutions: How can I get what I want and need? How can the other(s) get what they need?
10. Prioritize, problem solve, look for trade-offs, compromise.
11. If you don't agree: Think what would happen if the dispute does not get resolved? Pause, Postpone, Play.
12. Ask a third party to help.

Members of different peace clubs converge at a Peace Rally organized in Warri.

BB4P Motto

Networking for Peace, Development, Competition and Unity

"Peace can never be bought, but can only be achieved by working hard for it, supporting it, and holding on to it tightly as a treasure for development" -- Aregbe B.E. --

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