ABU Foundation

ABU Foundation

The ABU BASKETBALL FOUNDATION has been striving in its effort to maintain and encourage the growth of basketball in Zaria, the University and the nation at large.

Today ABU has the best Basketball facilities and equipment to promote Basketball in Nigeria. The NBBF have recognize ABU as having the best Basketball facilities and equipment in Nigeria, thus the triumphant 2002 Junior African Basketball Champions our own Nigerian National Junior Tiger Team was camped at ABU before their victory in Egypt.

ABU Basketball Foundation believes the right time is now for basket ball to be developed to its greatest height most especially in its latest programme the Basket for Peace (BB4P) project in Nigeria, headed by its founder Coach O.B. Johnson.

BB4P Motto

Networking for Peace, Development, Competition and Unity

"Peace can never be bought, but can only be achieved by working hard for it, supporting it, and holding on to it tightly as a treasure for development" -- Aregbe B.E. --

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