BB4P! - Basket Ball For Peace Nigeria.



BB4P a Non Government Organization (NGO) established in 2003 under the parent body Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria is design to use the game-of-Basketball to:

  1. Promote Peaceful-Community-Co-existence, establish Early warning systems, Job Creation and BASKETBALL in an atmosphere of PEACE.
  2. Attractat-risk” Youth away from violent (negative) conflicts;
  3. Establish a global network of grassroots PEACE ZONES (Basketball Courts).
  4. Establish a network of  PEACE CLUBS for Educational and Community activities.
  5. Organize weekly, monthly and bi-annual inter-PEACE ZONE/CLUB Competitions.

BB4P Back-Boards are Mini-Bill-Board for our Major Sponsors. BB4P advocacy is Peace Education and Basketball while creating a Network of PEACE Zones and Peace AMBASSADORS to mediate in ‘conflicts' to maintain PEACE. A PEACE-Movement-in-Motion promoting Gender Equality and problem solving of issue causing ‘conflict’; Peace-loving-People with ‘ideas’ are the engine. 

Know the Programme Manager of BB4P

Oliver B. Johnson, popularly known as “Coach OBJ” is a Repatriate (not a expatriate), Father, Grandfather, Teacher, Husband, Brother, Mentor, Son, Coach, Peace-maker, Consultant, Therapist, Sportsman, Youth-worker, Author, Educator, Program-manager, Prolific-traveler, Uncle and Friend. Born in Washington, D.C., USA on 7th April 1940 he spent his early years with his loving parents and siblings in urban D.C. and vacation periods on the farms of his grand parents.



Vision: is to have a PEACE ZONE in every Local Government Area of Nigeria (774); a BB4P Network in every State (36) and an African Annual BB4P League to constantly remind everyone that ‘PEACE MUST REIGN
The Formula for building sustainable BB4P Networks are three (3) 'Six' and the ‘KEY’ is many Local Sponsored Peaceful-Competitions.

Contact BB4P to;

1. Sponsor or establish your own Peace Zone

2. Co-sponsor a BB4P Competition or Network.


BB4P Motto

Networking for Peace, Development, Competition and Unity

"Peace can never be bought, but can only be achieved by working hard for it, supporting it, and holding on to it tightly as a treasure for development" -- Aregbe B.E. --

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